Check list of percussion items needed for drum lessons with the Groove Dr.’s

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Purchase the following items from Salt City Drums:

5967 South, State Street


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 5 piece drum set

Check with the fabulous experts at Salt City Drums to find out what the best deal of the day on drum sets. The boys at Salt City really know their stuff and have the best prices on drum products anywhere! Visit Salt City Drums for current pricing.


The Rhythm Concept Book by Kelly Wallis

 (Kelly is also the owner of Backbeats Drum Shop).  A few copies may be in your lesson binder that come from this book to help get you started with it.  You should purchase this book from Salt City after you have been taking lessons for about a month. Price-$35


Practice Pad

Everyone should have a decent practice pad for practicing hand exercises and rudiments. We recommend the 12” RealFeel or Vic Firth rubber practice pad. Visit Salt City Drums for current pricing.


Practice Pad stand (optional)

Any snare drum stand is what we use for a practice pad stand. You can use the one from your drum kit, but we recommend having a separate one for practicing with the pad, especially if you work on hand patterns in a different room in your house. Ex. While watching tv. Visit Salt City Drums for current pricing.


Drum Sticks

Drum kit sticks

Practice Pad sticks

You should have a couple pairs of good drum kit sticks (light weight)

And a good pair of pad sticks (heavier)

Talk to your teacher about the size they recommend. Visit Salt City Drums for current pricing.


Brushes (optional)

Some drummers want to learn how to play brushes for a softer sound on the drums. Crucial for many styles of playing, especially Jazz. Visit Salt City Drums for current pricing.


Music Stand

Manhassett Music Stand. Great music stand and totally sturdy for holding all your drum books and lesson binder. Visit Salt City Drums for current pricing.


Always check with Salt City Drums before purchasing any drum or percussion related items.  These guys are the most knowledgeable in the industry and have the best prices anywhere!  And also, they support our program!  Be sure to tell them we sent you!