Drum Lessons

Private Drum Lessons (for beginner to professional):


Besides the obvious such as groove, technique, styles, reading drum notation, rudiments, fundamentals, playing to music, learning songs, drum fills, soloing, hands, feet, double bass, hand percussion, and playing with live musicians, we also show you how much fun it is to play drums! 


All lessons are a half hour per lesson once a week.

Sneez teaches at On Track Music Guitar Studio (6374 s. 900 e. Murray) on Monday – Friday. Contact us for pricing.

Sherrie teaches at our home studio in Draper on Mondays, Tuesdays. Contact us for directions. And on Wednesdays at our 6374 s. 900 e location. Contact us for pricing.

Payments are made through APS (Automated Payment Systems) in which funds are automatically drawn from your checking account on the first of each month.


AMPD Student Rock Band Program (intermediate to advanced, based on teacher recommendation):


An AMPD band is an exciting way to employ all of the techniques that are taught in the private program in a real live-playing situation. Students learn how to interact with other musicians in a real band format with guitarists, bass players, vocalists, drummers and keyboards. Students in the AMPD program learn the right way to put a musical group together. Participating in an AMPD band can dramatically increase all sorts of playing skills. From solo improvisation and music theory to just plain “feelin’ the groove,” students learn to work together to render a top-notch musical performance. Each year, AMPD performers are given numerous opportunities to play at exciting public events. Our AMPD Student Rock Bands are always one of the most anticipated features at our famous “Student Fest” Annual Music Fair. For more details on the famous AMPD Student Rock Band Program view the AMPD video or click on the corresponding tab on the home page.


Exciting Summer Music Program!


At On Track Music we offer an amazing array of Summer Group Drum Lessons designed to skyrocket your musical skills.  These fun filled classes are only offered from June through August and have been described to us by students and parents as the highlight of their Summer events.


One of our most popular Summer Programs is the Summer Jam Class.  A less formal version of our famous AMPD Student Rock Band Program, the Summer Jam Class allows students to play in a real band for the Summer time and perform at our Annual Summer Jam outdoor concert event held each year in August.


We also offer Summer Specialty Classes on everything from Beginning stick technique to our famous group percussion ensemble.  Specialty classes vary from year to year so contact us for details.


Why take lessons from the Groove Dr.’s?

1. Sneez, our oldest and most experienced teacher started playing drums at 3 years old.  He has recorded, played and continues to play with Utah’s top artists. He has also recorded drums for numerous ads and movie trailers.  His credits include drumming for the Dixie Chicks at the 2002 Olympic Opening Ceremonies in front of 6 million viewers worldwide.  He has also performed with 82 artists or bands since moving to Utah in 1978 in which some were nationally famous, and many were locally famous artists and bands.  He is currently the drummer for Party Train, The Party of Five, and This Is YOUR band, the nations only live band karaoke group with over 1000 songs for singers to choose from.


2. Sherrie, our “Girl Drummer” role model.  Sherrie started playing drums at age 5 and took lessons until she was 18.  


3. Free introductory drum lessons!  Come meet Sneez or Sherrie and get your first drum lesson absolutely FREE!


4. Rock band program.  The Groove Drs are partners with the On Track Music guitar school and together we have the best school of rock band program!  We have 11 bands that rehearse weekly and are conducted by the master, Scott Graves.  These bands are featured regularly through out the year at various concerts.  


5. Amazing performance opportunities for our drum students!  There is no other music school that does what we do.  Here’s a glimpse of what happens in a year:

       A. Summer Classes and Summer Jam Band Concert.  On Track Music and the Groove Dr’s have put together the best summer program for students to join bands, enroll in specialized advancement classes, and a performance opportunity at our outdoor Summer Jam Concert at the end of August.  This is the first step towards getting into one of our famous AMPD bands!

       B. On Track Music and the Groove Dr’s Student Fest.  Our Student Fest is the largest student concert around and includes an entire weekend filled with performances from Friday night through Saturday day and into Saturday night.  Any student of the Groove Dr’s is elligible to perform at Student Fest on Saturday.  Student Fest is always held the third weekend in May and is located at the Risen Life church auditorium on 2780 e. 3900 s.

       C. On Track Music and the Groove Dr’s Winter Expo Concert.  Our Winter concert is held at an indoor venue suitable for kids and family and is usually the end of January/beginning of February on a Saturday.  The concert features our AMPD rock bands that practice all year long.  

       D.  Many of our bands are asked to perform for private functions and also have been featured on local TV shows.


6.  2 Locations to choose from!  In our Draper, and Murray studios.


7.  Virtually no age limit!  We teach students as young as 4 and no one is ever too old to start taking drum lessons!  Where most teachers don’t take students until they are 7 or 8, the Groove Dr’s have perfected a method for teaching kids as young as 4!


8.  Students get to learn all of the essential drum rudiments as well as playing to their favorite music.  We have created an amazing system for students to incorporate their exercises into their music.

 Drum Lessons