School Calendars & Documents

Groove Dr’s Holiday and vacation schedule for September 2016 through August 2017



The Groove Dr’s teaching calendar year starts September 1 and goes through August 31 the following year.


The tuition is based on 4 lessons per month, which equals out to 48 lessons per calendar year. This leaves a certain number of days left over due to some months having more than 4 weeks.


The following is a breakdown of the Groove Dr.’s vacation and holiday schedule that will utilize the extra days. There are no lessons on the dates listed below.



Monday Students: Labor Day (9/5/16), Christmas break (12/26/16), Memorial Day (5/29/17) and Summer Break (7/24/17).


Tuesday Students: Christmas Break (12/27/16), Sneez and Sherrie vacation (1/10/17) and Independence Day (7/04/17) and Summer Break (7/25/17).


Wednesday Students: Sneez and Sherrie Fall Vacation (11/2/16), Christmas Vacation (12/28/16), Sneez and Sherrie Vacation, (1/11/17) and Summer Break (7/26/17).


Thursday Students: Thanksgiving (11/24/16), Christmas Break (12/29/16), Sneez and Sherrie Vacation (1/12/17) and Summer Break (7/27/17).


Friday Students: Day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday” (11/25/16), Christmas Break (12/30/16), Sneez and Sherrie Vacation (1/13/17) and Summer Break (7/28/17).




Any other days that we need to take off due to sickness, gigs, vacation etc. we will have a sub teacher to cover on those days.


**Any holidays not listed above (school holidays such as UEA, Presidents day, etc.) are days that we WILL be teaching.