Drum Lessons by Groove Dr.’s Expert Drum Instructors

The Groove Dr’s offer the Best Drum Lessons and Rock Band Opportunities for Drummers!


 The Groove Dr’s Drum Instruction School is partnered with the On Track Music school and is Utah’s Top Drum School for private and group drum lessons and instruction.   The Groove Dr’s specialize in DRUM LESSONS and offers instruction at two location in Murray and Draper, Utah.  We offer exciting performance opportunities and music lessons for ALL AGES.  We are the home of Student Fest, Summer Jam, and the famous AMPD Student Rock Band program.

With over 35 years of drumming experience, the “Groove Dr.’s” offer the best drum instruction to students of all ages and experience levels in Salt Lake City, Utah. We believe that above all else your learning experience must be fun.

We provide professional drum lessons to students of all ages and at all levels from beginner to advanced. It is our goal to provide the best instruction tailored to each student’s individual needs.


Drum lessons cover drum set fundamentals, music reading and comprehension skills, snare drum rudiments and drum set playing. We emphasize the “musicality” aspect of drumming and often have our students playing along to music by the second lesson!


Many different musical styles are taught, depending on each student’s interests, desires, needs, or experience level including:

ROCK, Brazilian & Afro Cuban/Caribbean Latin, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, pretty much all drumset drumming!


Lessons are 30 minutes once a week and are customized to each student’s needs.


Additionally, Groove Dr.’s offers group classes in various aspects of drumming including rudiments, sticking, & percussion..


An exciting opportunity for our students is our A.M.P.’D. (Alliance of Music Professionals) program. We have teamed up with Scott Graves of “On Track Music ” and other teachers (guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals) and our students are offered the opportunity to join performance groups (student bands) which perform several times a year to showcase their skills. These groups offer students a taste of what performing for a live audience means and teaches them to work with the other members of a band. Above all else the performance groups are a lot of fun!


Our goal with this website is to give you a feel for who we are and to answer as many questions as possible.  The short video tours on the home page are a super fast way to learn a tremendous amount about our program.  We suggest that you start with the main video feature: “Welcome to the Groove Drs!”  Detailed information about the program can be accessed by clicking on the various tabs at the top of the home page and by viewing the other featured videos.


    • Over two decades of serving the Salt Lake Valley!

    • Dedicated instructors for all ages, styles, levels, and budgets!

    • Professional teaching tools. Clean, comfortable studios.

    • Learn the songs and styles you enjoy at a your pace.

    • Exclusive Partnership with On Track Music Guitar School “Learn the Right Way to Play”

    • Home of the famous AMPD Student Rock Band program.

    • Home of the famous “Student Fest” Annual Student Music Fair.

    • Summer Music program featuring concerts and specialty classes.

    • Amazing performance opportunities!


Salt Lake City, Utah’s Premier School for Drum Lessons – Groove Dr’s